Use these Top 8 Homeopathic Medicines for Hair Loss Falling and Balding

Hair Loss

Hair loss is also know as Alopecia. The most common form of the hair loss is called  pattern baldness or Androgenetic alopecia. Ar round 95 percent of  people suffers from this type of hair loss or scalp condition. This is related to heredity and in most cases its permanent. The second most common type of hair loss is Alopecia areata.  It can be temporary and can involve hair loss only on your scalp or spread to your whole body. Its specific cause is unknown.
Baldness typically refers to excessive hair loss from your scalp and can be the result of heredity, certain medications or an underlying medical condition. Anyone — men, women and children — can experience hair loss.

Causes of Hair Loss

Baldness is not usually caused by a disease, but is related to aging, heredity, and testosterone. In addition to the common male and female patterns from a combination of these factors, other possible causes of hair loss, especially if in an unusual pattern, include:

  • Hormonal changes (for example, thyroid disease, childbirth, or use of the birth control pill)
  • A serious illness (like a tumor of the ovary or adrenal glands) or fever
  • Medication such as cancer chemotherapy
  • Excessive shampooing and blow-drying
  • Permanent hair straightening
  • Emotional or physical stress
  • Nervous habits such as continual hair pulling or scalp rubbing
  • Burns or radiation therapy
  • Alopecia areata — bald patches that develop on the scalp, beard, and, possibly, eyebrows. Eyelashes may fall out as well. This is thought to be an immune disorder.
  • Tinea capitis (ringworm of the scalp)
  • Studies have shown that poor nutrition, limited food intake, and deficiencies in certain nutrients can cause thinning.

Hair Loss Symptoms

Symptoms of alopecia include hair loss in patches usually in circular patterns, dandruff, skin lesions, and scarring. Alopecia areata usually shows in unusual hair loss areas e.g. eyebrows, backside of the head or above the ears where usually the male pattern baldness does not effect. In male-pattern hair loss, loss and thinning begin at the temples and the crown and either thins out or falls out. Female-pattern hair loss occurs at the frontal and parietal region of head

Homeopathy for Hair Loss / Baldness

Use top 10 homeopathic medicine to control hair loss fast

Natrum Mur 
when someone suffers hair loss due to anemia , specially anemia in women or hair loss due to childbirth Homeopathic medicine natrum mur works very well. Natrum Mur also can be used suffers hair loss due to dandruff and Alopecia areata.

Floric acid 
This is also one of the best remedy to arrest hair fall. It helps to grow healthy hair by accelerating the production of hydrofluoric acid. If there is a patient having hair loss in spots (Alopecia areata) , then this medicine is highly recommended. If a person having hair loss in bald patches,   it helps re-growing healthy hair on those bald patches. it also benefits treating hair loss due to typhoid and hair seems to be dry , tangle, easily and break off.

Thuja Occidentalis 
if the hair loss is the reason of scaly and white dandruff, Thuja is the best remedy for those pupil people . if hair loss results into thinning of hair and slow down the hair growth , hair becomes lusterless , one should try this remedy.

It works well in male pattern baldness. If hair fall starts after child birth Lycopodium can stop hairloss. If hair loss starts from vertex and spread on the temples, this is the best remedy for these kind of hair loss . Lycopodium can also be used in graying of hair.

When some one suffers skin problem and hair fall  is due to skin condition , this remedy should be used on these symptoms.

Baryta Carb 
When hair loss starts in very young  age , then this remedy should be used in case of premature baldness.

when some one suffers hair loss due lack of Phosphorus salt, it can be used. Phosphorus salt supports growing of healthy and lustrous hair. Due to absence of Phosphorus salt hair fall occurs in bunches of hair. Hair becomes dry and gray and hair loss can be seen from vertex, crown area and fore head. when some one experience hair loss due to change of water or change of climate. This remedy works in this type of hair loss.

Vinca Minor 
Vinca minor is one of the best homeopathic remedy that treats hair loss due to dandruff. when some one suffers hair problem due to dandruff as well as Alopecia areata, It works fine.


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